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In this blog post, I’m sharing a very insightful conversation I had with Mary Green, a Community Strategist at Outreach.

Mary spoke about how she grew The Peak (Outreach’s customer community) and how she grew communities at HubSpot’s Inbound.org, and Forbes in the past. She also discussed some of the challenges community managers face and how they can overcome them. She wrapped up the conversation with some useful advice for new and aspiring community managers.

Watch the interview below.

About Mary

Mary Green is a community professional with 12 years of experience, who builds valuable B2B communities that delight members, impress industries, and significantly impact business goals by thoughtfully aligning stakeholder objectives and the needs of members.

You can find her on LinkedIn here.

The Interview

Takeaways from the interview

  • Getting your community’s members excited about your company’s vision is what you should do in your community.
  • Start by reaching out to people who are interested in your vision. It’s easier to start doing this with your customers first.
  • Prepare a content calendar that makes your members regularly come back to the community.
  • Build one-on-one relationships with your community’s top contributors.
  • Your community’s goals should lead back to your company’s goals. Based on those goals, choose the metrics that you should measure to grow your community.
  • Peer-to-peer interaction between the community’s members is one of the most fundamental aspects of a thriving community.
  • Advice to aspiring community builders: take the time to actively learn by talking to those who have built thriving communities.

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